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Established in the year 1995, we "Intech Engineers", got established with the aim of bringing forth a wide assortment of industrial filters . We offer products such as filter bags, cages, venturies, Sequential timer and rotary air valve and others that have gained dominance not only in the domestic markets but in international markets as well.

Led by experienced management guiding our business operations, we have also been able to achieve relevance among the globally acclaimed Filter bag manufacturers from India. Our exclusive range of product also include Dust Collector Bags, Centrifuge Filter Bags, Venturies Tubes, Fine Filters, Basket Filters, Industrial Knife Gate Valves etc.

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Pneumatic Slide Gate Valve
Pneumatic Slide Gate Valve View more
Slide Gate Valves
Slide Gate Valves View more
Dust Collector Bags
Dust Collector Bags View more
Filter Bags
Filter Bags View more
Electric Panel
Electric Panel View more
Industrial Electric Panel
Industrial Electric Panel View more
Industrial Valves
Industrial Valves View more
Pulse Jet Solenoid Valves
Pulse Jet Solenoid Valves View more
Pneumatic Knife Gate Valve
Pneumatic Knife Gate Valve View more
Material Handling Equipment
Material Handling Equipment View more
Rotary Air Lock
Rotary Air Lock View more
Air Slide Fabric
Air Slide Fabric View more
Centrifuge Filter Bags
Centrifuge Filter Bags View more
Fluid Bed Dryer Bags
Fluid Bed Dryer Bags View more
Pre Filter
Pre Filter View more
Air Filter
Air Filter View more
Sequential Timer Cards
Sequential Timer Cards View more
Leaf Filters
Leaf Filters View more
Pressure Leaf Filter
Pressure Leaf Filter View more
Industrial Filters
Industrial Filters View more
Liquid Filter bags
Liquid Filter bags View more
Industrial Pre Filters
Industrial Pre Filters View more
Fine Filters
Fine Filters View more
Pleated Filters
Pleated Filters View more
Industrial Pleated Filter
Industrial Pleated Filter View more
Filter Bag Cage
Filter Bag Cage View more
Filter Cage
Filter Cage View more
Pleated Filter
Pleated Filter View more
Coal Handling Plant
Coal Handling Plant View more
Fuel Handling Plant
Fuel Handling Plant View more
Ash Handling Plant
Ash Handling Plant View more
Biomass Handling System
Biomass Handling System View more
Baggage Handling System
Baggage Handling System View more
Belt Conveyor
Belt Conveyor View more
Chain Conveyor
Chain Conveyor View more
Screw Conveyor
Screw Conveyor View more
Air Slide
Air Slide View more
Spiral Chute
Spiral Chute View more
Bucket Elevator
Bucket Elevator View more
Knife Gate Valve
Knife Gate Valve View more
Truck Loading System
Truck Loading System View more
Vibrating Screen
Vibrating Screen View more
Industrial Slide Gate Valve
Industrial Slide Gate Valve View more
Multi Louver Damper
Multi Louver Damper View more
Flow Control Gate
Flow Control Gate View more
Rotary Air Lock Valve
Rotary Air Lock Valve View more
Y Type Diverter
Y Type Diverter View more
2 Way Type Diverter
2 Way Type Diverter View more
3 Way Type Diverter
3 Way Type Diverter View more
Air Washer
Air Washer View more
Dust Collector
Dust Collector View more
Sequential Timer
Sequential Timer View more
Fabrication View more
Compost Machine
Compost Machine View more
Pulse Jet Solenoid Valve
Pulse Jet Solenoid Valve View more
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